Your Certified Landscaper

Interlocking pavers when laid together form versatile and beautiful patterns. We can transform your front or backyard to a place where friends and family can relax and congregate. From a long day out, or a Saturday night event, to kick back and enjoy your time at your outdoor escape.

How does it work?

Here we dig out the site to your desired depth, typically 15”-18” for driveways or 6”-8” for patios/walkways

Minimum 6” for walkways/patios and 12” for driveways of ¾” crusher run

1” of HPB (High Performance Bedding)

After spreading and compacting the base layer we set poles as our guide to our desired slope and level. Then we pull back on the poles making a perfect level base ready for pavers. After the pavers are laid we apply polymeric sand, edging and voila! Your patio is ready to go!

Recent work